Born and Raised in Cleveland. Tyler Justyn moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in music, before heading to Sydney to re-inspire both his music and life. Tyler brings the themes of horror, mystery, and suspense to life with a twist of Pop/Dance/Rock. His “Wicked” EP is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Zune, and anywhere where digital music is sold.

“I want to make your ears bleed harmonic dance symphonies,” Tyler writes. “There’s nothing more expressive in this life than music. Nothing can make a person go from absolute turmoil to infinite joy, and back again. I want to bring you real feeling.”

“Wicked” is a hybrid of deep, often dark emotion, combined with pop melodies and dance beats, plus a touch of rock. It’s a mixture that’s sure to get the room dancing, and it does. The 6 song EP features songs such as “Daydream,” which seduces you into a fantasy, “Beast,” which elaborates on the complications of a bad romance, and “Ready to Roll,” which attacks apathy with motivation and energy.

Tyler sings and writes his own songs. The lyrics comes from life experiences. It is real and relatable. He is a talented and motivated artist, and he is here, now, ready to take us all on a wicked ride.

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